We make apps inspired by nature.

The apps we make are entirely based on what we love most; spending time in the forest and the mountains, in places where a beam of sunlight just falls on a deer and the squirrels run around happily, and where you can fall asleep listening to birds singing. 



Wild Journey

Enjoy listening to guided meditations focused on topics like sleep, stress release and nature connection. Choosing from an endlessly growing landscape library you can relax listening to the high quality nature sounds anywhere you are. Find out more.



Wildfulness 2

Explore hand-illustrated forest scenes, each with its own soothing nature soundscape, and experience woodland serenity from the palm of your hand. Find out more.



Connect with nature wherever you are – sit back, relax and unwind by watching the animated landscapes and listening to the soothing sounds of nature and wildlife, or recharge your mind in only 6 seconds with the help of bird song. Find out more.


Sonus Island

Listen to the soothing sounds of waves rolling on the shore, relax to the meditative sounds of whales underwater or fall asleep under the stars on a sandy beach. Find out more.


Wild Weather

See the weather like never before. Wild Weather combines hand drawn illustrations with accurate forecasts. With colorful landscapes and amazing animations this app will surprise you. Find out more.


We love nature

Traveling and having adventures is what we love doing most of all