Why nature is good for your mind 

I absolutely believe that nature is good for your health and I daily spend some time outdoors. I love starting my day with a trail ride through the fields and forests, hearing the sound of hoofbeats of my horse underneath me and listening to the birds in the trees. Getting back I always feel refreshed and full of creative ideas! 
Here are a few of the many reasons why nature is good for your mind. 

Boost your mood
The warm feeling of sunshine on your face, a soft breeze blowing through your hair, feeling the sand between your toes…. 
Being in touch with nature boosts serotonin levels in your brain. Boosting your serotonine levels boosts your mood and leads to a positive mind set! 

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Clear your mind
Spending time in nature is a great way to clear your mind. To make the creative work I make I really need my time outdoors. When you feel overwhelmed by tasks and to do lists nature can be a great help to get your mind get calm again. Some studies even show that even looking at pictures of nature can have a positive effect on your mind. 

Exercise your brain
Take a walk, run around, climb that tree, go for it! Did you know that spending active time outdoors is actually good for your body and your mind? Research shows that exercise can help improving your memory. It stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and parts of the brain controlling thinking and memory even have greater volume in people who exercise versus people who don’t! 

Stress relief
Just go for a walk and spend some time in the woods when you feel stressed. Exposure to nature has a positive effect on your cortisol - the stress hormone - levels. By spending time in nature your cortisol levels lowers and it boosts well being. It can also lower your blood pressure and eases muscle tension. 

Try to to incorporate time spend in nature to your daily routine. You can also use nature’s colours in your home and grow some plants in and around your house. For me nature is one of the best ways to bring balance in my life and I hope it can give your mind a boost as well! 

Sterre Hendriks