How to calm your mind using your phone

Smartphones have definitely changed our lives, it can even be hard to think about the days before they existed! Using your phone too much can influence your personal and professional life in a negative way. When you’re checking your email 54 times a day or constantly worry about sending texts and checking statuses, using you’re phone probably doesn’t feel like a relaxing activity for you. 
However, there are also ways to use your phone in a way to enhance your life, you just need to use it the right way! 

Here is how you can use your phone to help you relax:


Start by analyzing how you use your phone
What apps or activities on your phone give you energy or make you feel relaxed and comfortable? What apps don’t?
Bring balance to the way you use your phone by conciously using apps that help you relax and enjoy the moment. 

Take mini breaks
Apps like our apps Wildfulness and Wildfulness 2 give you the possibility to create moments to relax whenever you want and wherever you are. This way you can use that gap in between two meetings to take some you-time, or use that moment when you’re waiting for your train to calm your mind listening to the sound of birds. These mini breaks will make you feel refreshed and energized!

Capture moments with your phone
Take a picture every day of something that makes you smile. Notice the small things. In retrospect it’s often the small things that are actually the big things.
Making quick photo’s can help you focus on that moment and remember it better later. By taking a picture every day you get in the habit of noticing these small things that make you feel good. 


Use it to sleep better
Getting a good night sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your overall well-being. Sleep refreshes your body and is a very important part of life.
Do you love falling a sleep listening to the sound of rain on your roof, or a thunder storm in the distance? You can use our app Wildfulness to listen to your favourite sleeping sounds by setting a timer when you go to bed. 

Set aside time to relax
It’s important to make room for relaxation in your routine. 
Make taking care of yourself a priority. Make an effort to meditate for 10 minutes every day, and stick to it. By incorporating you-time in your schedule you’ll develop a habit you can stick with. And you can use your phone to set a reminder. This way your phone will help you making mindful practices a daily habit. 

Practice breathing techniques
Relax your muscles and nerves by breathing deeply in and out and visualise the stress leaving your body. There are many apps (including our Wildfulness II ) that have breathing exercises to guide you in this.

Recognize that building new habits can take some time, and using your phone to help you relax can require some efforts. Keep searching and trying out some new apps and activities to find out what works best for you. 

Have fun relaxing! 

Sterre Hendriks