How it all started

We’re so proud to announce that we’re App Store Best of 2017 with both Wildfulness 2 and Sonus Island! We would love to take you back to how it all started! After all, December is always a great time for some reflection and retrospection


It’s been two years since we released our first app, weather app Wild Weather. Mark was busy designing web applications and had designed a few apps before and Sterre made lots of illustrations for magazines and nature and environmental organisations. Despite having worked as designers for years, we weren’t to sure about our working-together-capabilities. After all, it wasn’t that our work really matched….. or so we thought ;) 

Wild Weather started as a side project. How cool would an illustrated weather app be? We combined my adventurous wildlife illustrations and landscapes with Mark’s design skills, and totally unexpected Wild Weather got featured by the press and Apple and sales went through the roof! It became clear we quickly needed to work on an update, because the app was very simple,  you couldn't add more than one location.

With Wild Weather growing we started thinking about a second app. Which became Wildfulness which did even better and really made it clear this was more than just a side project.

And here we are, two years have flown by and we still love making apps. This year we worked on Sonus Island while I was pregnant, and released it just days before our son Caspar was born. To be named Best of 2017 is really amazing! 

A big thank you to everyone who has bought our apps, inspired us, followed us on Facebook and Instagram, placed a comment or a review. It means so much to us! We hope you all have a great december with lots of merry and bright things. 

All the best from us at Wild Ventures! 

Mark Hendriks