Sonus Island

Sonus Island is the perfect app to help you relax, focus and sleep better. Listen to the soothing sounds of waves rolling on the shore, relax to the meditative sounds of whales underwater or fall asleep under the stars on a sandy beach.

Imagine you can go to a tropical island anytime you like, anywhere you are. That’s Sonus Island! Discover illustrated landscapes and unwind after a busy day while listening to a guided meditation or experience the island by yourself. 


Wildfulness 2

Explore hand-illustrated forest scenes, each with its own soothing nature soundscape, and experience woodland serenity from the palm of your hand.

Simple, beautiful, mindful, natural, perfect for anyone, anytime. Discover hand-illustrated landscapes and unwind to soothing nature sounds as Wildfulness 2 helps reduce stress, balance energy, manage anxiety, and promote well-being.





Spending time in nature helps you to reduce stress, increases your energy level and improves your mood. Wildfulness combines hand drawn nature scenes with psychoacoustic 3D sounds to create a world filled with nature.

Connect with nature by watching the animated landscapes and listening to the soothing sounds of forests and wildlife, or recharge your mind in just 6 seconds with the help of bird song.


Wild Weather

See the weather like never before. Wild Weather combines hand drawn illustrations with accurate forecasts. Featuring dozens of hand drawn illustrations Wild Weather matches your location, time of day and current weather condition. With colorful landscapes and amazing animations this app will surprise you.



Add a touch of wildness to your messages with these hand drawn stickers. Peel and place the animated landscapes to make your conversations more adventurous. Available on the iMessage App Store.