We make apps inspired by nature


We love nature and the outdoors have always been the place to go to for inspiration and to unwind. There’s no better way to clear your mind than letting the wind blow through your hair, feeling the sunlight on your skin and listening to the birds singing their songs. The best ideas always seem to find their way into our minds when we’re on the top of a mountain or sitting on a rocky beach. When we decided to let that inspiration speak for itself in our work, things started to go fast! 


The apps we make are entirely based on what we love most; spending time in the forest and the mountains, in places where a beam of sunlight just falls on a deer and the squirrels run around happily, and where you can fall asleep listening to birds singing. 

And we want to invite you to visit those places, to experience what nature brings us in our apps. Wherever you are.

We want to let you experience what we feel when we are surrounded in nature. Wherever you are.

In the last two years our apps have won several awards and have been App of the Day multiple times. We realised that by making apps we could really help people in finding some balance in their lives themselves, and that knowledge inspires us to make the best work we can.

After our son Caspar was born in 2017 we realised that we loved family life but didn’t want to miss out on the adventure. We quickly realised however that enjoying our family and running our businesses wasn’t a reason to not follow our dreams and decided to go travel the world, something that really makes our hearts happy. 


Traveling and having adventures is what we love doing most of all.

In 2018 the three of us traveled for five months. We climbed the Sierra mountains and marvelled at the size of the Grand Canyon, we basked in the Balearic sun and found peace of mind between the pine trees.


We created our life of freedom and love every minute of it.  

To be able work location independently is a dream coming true. We’re really doing what we love most and making what comes from our hearts! 

We love being able to watch Caspar grow and learn, being there for him every minute and showing them the wonders of the world. Seeing him grow up with a love for nature and enjoy every minute of it, to have adventures with him and to show him all that we believe in really makes every day a special one.  
We love making products that make a positive impact on people’s live, to show you what nature does for us and to help you experience what it can do for  you!


Are you ready to explore the forests and islands with us? To experience what nature can do for you?

You can find our apps in the App Store.

When we’re not building apps you’ll find us in the mountains or the forest, hiking and exploring and enjoying everything the outdoors have to offer! 

You can find our personal work at: Sterre - studiobrun.nl and Mark - workbymark.nl.